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Teflon Fabric for Carpet Belt
Zobon have developed a specially designed fluoropolymer, coated with high density woven glass fiber – Carpet Belting Fabrics, mainly used in the carpet industry. Our special process allows the resulting fabric to have no micro-pin-holes and micro-mud-cracks, with the best mold release performance, and our carpet fabrics with excellent good abrasion resistance and high tear resistance makes our fabrics to be have a longer life than the similar products on the market.
- No micro-pin-holes and micro-mud-cracks
- High tear resistance
- Good abrasion resistance
- High Temperature resistance
- PVC backing carpet conveyor belt or release sheet
- Door pad baking
- Rubber curing
Carpet Belting Grade
ModelStandard Width (mm)Total Thickness (mm)Weight (g/m2)Colour
ZB9070-1100 W1000-27000.701100White
ZB9070-1100 B1000-27000.701100Light Brown
ZB90951000-27000.951385WhiteChina PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabrics manufacturers