Java Database Connectivity in Java

MicroSoft Access Driver Example program for JAVA DATABASE CONNECTIVITY
//Select Query example    
Connection ct = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:odbc:DATASOURCE NAME", "USERNAME", "PASSWORD");
PreparedStatement s = ct.prepareStatement(QUERY);
ResultSet rs = s.executeQuery();
while (
//get the details from the database
System.out.println("COLUMN VALUE"+rs.getString(COLUMNNAME));

Steps for Creating DataSource for Microsoft Access drivers
1.Go to Control Panel and Select Administrative Tools and then select Data Source ODBC icon.
1.Go to Run(Press Window+R) and type odbcad32.exe to go Data Source ODBC.
2.Press Add Button.
3.Choose the driver for Microsoft Access.
4.Then,Press Finish Button.
5.Type Data Source Name.
6.Then Press "Select Button" and choose the database file which is created already.
7.Then, Press "OK" Button to complete the process.