kill in UNIX

The kill command allows you to kill one process ID or multiple process IDs.
kill [options] IDs

How to get the ID first ?
ps -ef| grep process_identifier // will give you PID

-lLists the signal names.
-signalThe signal number of name. Using the signal number of 9, means that the kill is absolute.

Here, we use "9" to Forced termination. Please find the below table for more options.
kill -9 78689

NumberNameDescriptionUsed for
0SIGNULLNullCheck access to pid
1SIGHUPHangupTerminate; can be trapped
2SIGINTInterruptTerminate; can be trapped
3SIGQUITQuitTerminate with core dump; can be
9SIGKILLKillForced termination; cannot be trapped
15SIGTERMTerminateTerminate; can be trapped
24SIGSTOPStopPause the process; cannot be trapped
25SIGTSTPTerminalstop Pause the process; can be
26SIGCONTContinueRun a stopped process