Why BTEQ Scripts - What is the special in it ? in Teradata

Point 1:
BTEQ can be used both in Interactive mode as well as in Batch mode.
Interactive mode:
As we do in our normal SQL execution in Assistants. BTEQ also supports this option.
Batch mode:
This is a very important feature of BTEQ, where you can execute the batch commands.
You can save the commands which have to be executed sequentially ( like a complete transaction) in a file and give to BTEQ.
BTEQ will faithfuly execute all the commands in the file in forward only fashion.

Point 2:
You can get the output in the report format, where in SQL assistant, you can have the results in spread sheet format.
This option will promote us to leverage our analysis.

Point 3:
You can import and export the data easily in BTEQ by the options IMPORT FILE and EXPORT FILE.
This will be a difficult process in SQL assistants.