BTEQ - RETRY in Teradata

It will resubmits requests that fail under certain operational error conditions.


When set to ON, the RETRY command option takes effect when BTEQ detects any of the following failure codes:
• 2631—Transaction aborted due to %VSTR.
• 2639—Too many simultaneous transactions.
• 2641—%DBID.%TVMID was restructured. Resubmit.
• 2825—No record of the last request was found after RDBMS restart.
• 2827—Request was aborted by user or due to statement error.
• 2828—Request was rolled back during system recovery.
• 2835—A unique index has been invalidated; resubmit request.
• 3111—The dispatcher has timed out the transaction.
• 3120—The request is aborted because of a RDBMS restart.
• 3598—Concurrent change conflict in data base–try again.
• 3603—Concurrent change conflict in table–try again.
• 3897— Request aborted due to RDBMS restart. Resubmit.