BTEQ utility without explicit transaction in Teradata

When we use BTEQ, It involves taking advantage of the way BTEQ delivers the SQL to the optimizer. The trick is to continue each subsequent SQL statement on the same line as the semi-colon (;) of the previous statement.
When BTEQ finds this condition, it automatically delivers the commands as a single transaction.
The following example demonstrates this technique:

UPDATE tbl_employee
SET emp_id=101
WHERE emp_id=100
; UPDATE tbl_employee
SET emp_id=102
WHERE emp_id=106

In the above script, both updates must work successfully, or both will be rolled back because the second UPDATE is on the same line as the semi-colon for the first UPDATE. When a semicolon (;) is not the last thing on a line, BTEQ treats the next SQL as part of the same transaction.