Shortcut Keys For Rational Application Developer Tool in TGMC

RAD Short Cut Keys:
1Ctrl+shift+RHelps to choose a resource (Type some initial letters of the files, the files will be listed out)
2Ctrl+Ouse this shortcut in any of your java file, it will list out all the methods in that class
3Ctrl+F4Close the active file in your RAD editor.
4Ctrl+MMaximize active view or editor
5Ctrl+FHelps to find/Replace the phrase or replace the phrase in a file.
6Ctrl+Shift+PShow matching brace.
7Ctrl+Shift+KHelps to find the previous searched phrase
8Ctrl+lHelps to go the particular line number.
9Ctrl+HHelps to find the file, phrase, etc in the whole workspace.
10Ctrl+F8Switch to available editors
11Cltrl+Shift+F4Close all the windows which have opened in the editor.
12Ctrl+shift+SSave All
13Ctrl+Shift+FFormat Code
14Ctrl+Shift+OOrganize Imports
15F3Show source for a method or a class
16Ctrl+KHelps to find the next searched phrase
17F6In debug mode, For “step into” use this shortcut key to debug by executing each and every line.
18F8In debug mode, For “step over” use this shortcut key to debug for every breakpoint.
19Ctrl+spaceContent assist
20Ctrl+BBuild All
21Ctrl + /Single line comment
22Ctrl + Shift + /Multiple line comments
23Ctrl + MMaximize active view or editor.