RTrim - Right Trim in Informatica

The RTRIM function removes leading blank spaces or removes characters from the end of a string.

General Syntax
RTRIM (string [, trim_set])

The RTRIM function can be combined with the LENGTH function if the trailing blanks are to be ignored. It can also be nested when needed to remove multiple characters.

RTRIM (string) removes the trailing spaces or blanks from the string.
Example : Remove Trailing Blank Spaces

When RTRIM function is used with a trimset, which is optional, it removes the characters in the trimset from the string.
For example,

The above expression removes the characters 10 in the port ITEM_CODE.
0510     05
580        58

In the second example the function removes the trailing zero since the RTRIM compares the last character in the trimset with the last character of the string, and the second last character does not match with second last character (i.e first character) of the trim set, it is not removed.