Least - Find smallest value from the list of values in Informatica

Least function returns smallest value of the input list. i.e it can be used to find minimum number.
LEAST( value1, [value2, ..., valueN,] [CaseFlag] )

valueRequiredAny datatype except Binary. Datatype must be compatible with other values.Value you want to compare against other values. You must enter at least one value argument. If the value is Numeric, and other input values are of other numeric datatypes, all values use the highest precision possible. For example, if some values are of the Integer datatype and others are of the Double datatype, the Integration Service converts the values to Double.
CaseFlagOptionalMust be an integer. Determines whether the arguments in this function are case sensitive. You can enter any valid transformation expression. When CaseFlag is a number other than 0, the function is case sensitive. When CaseFlag is a null value or 0, the function is not case sensitive.

Example : Find cheaper price of the products

store1_pricestore2_pricestore3_priceReturn Value