CONVERT_BASE - Change numeric value base from one to another in Informatica

Convert_Base function is used to convert numeric value from one base to other for e.x decimal to octal or binary to decimal
CONVERT_BASE( value, source_base, dest_base )

valueRequiredString datatype. Value you want to convert from one base to another base.Maximum is 9,233,372,036,854,775,806.
source_baseRequiredNumeric datatype. Current base value of the data you want to convert. Minimum base is 2. Maximum base is 36.
dest_baseRequired Numeric datatype.Base value you want to convert the data to. Minimum base is 2. Maximum base is 36.

Example 1: Decimal to Binary Conversion in Informatica
CONVERT_BASE( 7, 10, 2)

Output : 111
Example 2: Binary to Decimal Conversion in Informatica
CONVERT_BASE( 1111, 2, 10)

Output : 15