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Mineral Water Purifier Machine factory in C

※Our Factory
Guangzhou Junsheng Light Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd.
Liquid filling equipment professional manufacturer.
Guangzhou Junsheng Light Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd. is a private company, a manufacturer that provides technology solutions to liquid filling machines. The company was founded by a group of Ph. Ds who were educated in England, United Kingdom and Chinese experts in food machinery industry.
Originated from Italian and German technology, Junsheng aims for technology innovations and product development and has independently developed many national patented products and technology. Our products are widely used in liquid filling of water, beverages, edible oil, spices, alcohol, and daily chemical. 5 gal PE bag inserting filling machine will be added to the series of national key high-tech products. It will bring revolutionary changes to the international bottled water industry. The new site of the company is conveniently located in Guangzhou Science City, supported by Guangdong province. Our products are exported to more than 10 countries and regions. We had successfully provided professional technology and quality services to the companies that are well known at home and abroad including Coco Cola, C'estbon, Wahaha, Master Kong, Kin Tin, Guangdong Armed Police. Our new initiative includes a strategy of combined ' marketing' and ' branding', a developing goal to ' never stop innovation that will change the industry of traditional packaging'. Our marketing goal is to have the market share of mainstream domestic market and international market through exports. Technology is the backbone of our company. Instead of relying on imported technology, we are fully utilizing our own existing technology with selection of established supporting technologies from other important players in the industry.
※Our Product
Junsheng Main Product Range:
A. Normal-temperature PET bottled water 3-in-1 filling machines and auxiliary equipment (production capacity: 6000~40000 bottles per hour)
B. PET bottled juice and drink 3-in-1 hot filling machines and auxiliary equipment (production capacity: 6000~33000 bottles per hour)
C. 3 gals and 5 gals barreled water linear and rotary filling machines and auxiliary equipment (production capacity: 1200 ~3000 barrels)
D. 5 gals barreled water PE Bag Inserting Filling Machines (New Patent product, production capacity: 120~3000 barrels per hour)
E. Automatic handle press into machine for over 1.5L bottle (production capacity: 6000~20000BPH)
F. Handle applicators inserting machine for over 1.5L bottle water and drink (production capacity: 6000~20000BPH)
D. Turn key project
※Product Application
Junsheng small PET bottle 3-in-1 Filling machine have three part, rinsing,filling and capping. It has two kinds.
One is for normal-temperature filling, applied to pure water,mineral water and spring water filling
And the other one is for hot temperature filling, applied to tea drink, juice drink and sports drink.
※Our Certificate
Invention patent no.:201010218104.1
※Production Market
Our products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions.
※Our Service
Consultation For Pre-Sales
Please send us your requirement details for your water business plan, some of the following you may need to know:
1.What is the material you wanna fill? Water? Juice? Edible oil? Beer?
2.What is the filling volume for one bottle? One size only or two? Like 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml, 15000ml, 3000ml, 5000ml, 3&5 gallon.
3.What kind of your bottles? Round bottle? Square bottle? Or special bottle? Please show us Or our engineer make a design for you?
4.What is the capacity of production do you need? Like how many bottles for one hour or one day?
5.What is your production plant like? How big it is? Or our engineer make a design for you?
Our special services will provide the following details before you place the order:
1.Free design for the bottles drawing to make your suitable bottles.
2.Free design for the bottles label with your unique logo
3.Free design for your production plant, a convenient and practical design for your equipment chosen.
Show you how your machine making
After you place the order for the equipment, we will send you some pictures or video to show you how is the progress of the equipment making? This will make you know more about the equipment, after you received the equipment that you will more easily to control it.
After sales service
We do our best for your on-site training and ongoing technical support, like installation, controlling troubleshooting, protection and maintenance for electrical, mechanical and equipment software, in order to let you have a stable and high efficient production capacity.Mineral Water Purifier Machine factory