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´╗┐Pellet Mill Machine
Raw materials:rice husk, sunflower husk, peanut shell, coconut shell, branch, and other wood waste, a variety of crop straws;
Wood pellet machine is a kind of molding equipment for sawdust,straw powder,bamboo dust,grass powder,palm fiber,alfalfa powder etc materials.The raw material could be different kinds of wood,such as log,waste furniture,tree branches,leftover material of wood,brushes,tree bark;other biomass material such as corn stalk,peanut shell,cotton stalk,wheat straw,grass and so on.The final pellets has the features of environmental friendly,high calorific value,low ash content,low sulfur,high burning rate,high purity.
1.full automation : it has the automatic oil-supply device that can add oil for the , you don't need to add oil for the roller every 2 hours , so the machine can keeps on working a full day without a stop
2.ring die : double layers, both sides of the ring die can be used , thus the life time of the molds can be reach up to produce 1500 ton pellets
3.less labor , two people is enough to operation the machine.
4.wearing parts : the wearing parts of the machine are the gear of the roller , molds .
5.Widely suitability: All kinds of biomass raw material can be used in this machine,for example: palm fiber, sawdust, straw, rice husk, peanut shell, bamboo powder, alfalfa powder etc.
6.The maintenance: The machine belongs to high tech , full automatic machine which do not need Artificial maintenance , in order to keep the machine work well, the only thing need to do is making sure the grease cylinder( installed in the back of the power distribution cabinet) always full of engine oil.
Working principle of wood pellet making machine
1.Through the belt conveyor, the materials get into the storage, then screw conveyor in the storage will feed material to the pellet forming chamber automatically and orderly.
2.In the forming chamber, two gear and mold help to form and press pellet, Gear rotate to press pellet come out surround.
3.Automatic cutting equipment around the mold, which can cut pellet automatically, it can also adjust the length of pellet.
4.During the process, the oil supply device can lubricate the gear, mold and bearings of the molds.
Pellet features of wood pellet making machine
1.Pellet is new style energy which is renewable, environmental protection,it is also clean and low cost.
2.Pellet (biomass briquette,biomass pellet,wood pellet) is widely used in heating, biomass boiler, household gasification furnace, industrial boiler, hotels, restaurants, bath in industries as heat
3.High density from 1- 1.6g/cm3,easy to store and transportation, Calorific value canbe 3500-5500Kilocalorie.
Service Commitment
With strong technical force, sound management system, and first-class sense of quality, we can achieve maximum reducing of maintenance ratio during the processing of machine operation.
1.We can send our technician to your factory to debug the products and on-site training, and you shall bear the expenses of round-trip air ticket and the expenses of board and loading, and you should also bear the wages of our technician for about $ 60 /day, generally speaking, it needs about 2 days to grasp the operation skill.
2.It is also ok for your workers to come to our factory to receive training, and you shall bear all the expenses of your workers.
1. In order to achieve maximum output and perfect molding effect, Moisture Content of Raw staffbe below 10% , if larger, and then the drier is needed.
2. Also, for the sake of reaching maximum output and perfect molding effect, Length of Raw Staff should be below 30mm, if larger, and then the straw crusher is needed.
3. We have the associated Crusher and Drier with high quality and low price in stock, if you need, please contact me, we will give you the most suitable advice.China biomass briquette machine manufacturers