Customized PIR Insulated Ventilation Ducting in Appium

UNTDuct Phenolic Foam Pre-insulated Duct Panel for Air Conditioning System
UNTDuct PIR System is not only based on pre-insulated aluminium panels, but it also consists of accessories, tools and know-how necessary for the construction and installation in a masterly fashion. The UNTDuct Panel is sandwich panel with external aluminum sheet covering a closed cell insulating material polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam which has a density of 55 kg/m³.
UNTDuct PIR pre-insulated panel can achieve an extremely high quality ducting can be achieved, as a direct result of excellent insulation property of PIR foam. UNTDuct PIR pre-insulated panel also provides excellent internal air quality, a fine external finish, longlife material, lightweight and easily transported, manipulated and constructed.
Ducting systems constructed with UNTDuct PIR pre-insulated panels can be installed either in the interior or on the exterior of a building, visible or with a false ceiling in residential and commercial use.
As well UNTDuct PIR pre-insulated panels are an excellent option in industry sectors such as food processing, electronics, pharmaceuticals, hospitals & medical centers etc. Where there is a need for a provision of a high level of quality and hygiene.
Internal Use:

Panel Structure: Black Alu. / PIR Foam / Silver Alu.
Foam Density: 55kg/m3
Panel Dimension: 3950mm*1200mm*20mm
Alu. Foil: Embossed 60 Micron (80 Micron Aluminum is available)
Advantages of UNTDuct Phenolic Foam Pre-insulated Duct Panel for Air Conditioning System:
1. High thermal insulation with a thermal conductivity value of 0.022w/m.k allows for maximum exploitation of
air handling unit capacity, increasing efficiency and reducing operating costs.
2. Extremely light weight compared to sheet metal ducts allows a reduction of weight on the structures, supporting points, workmanship costs and materials necessary for the installation.
3. Air-tightness of UNTDuct PIR System is eight times more than traditional ducts
4. The use of aluminum for the internal surfaces of the ducts ensures hygiene and cleanliness, it has a beautiful appearance and is suitable for the food industry
5. The sandwich structure (aluminum – insulating material – aluminum) guarantees a good acoustic behavior. Vibration and reverberation are stopped by the insulating material, contributing to a higher comfort in the environment where UNTDuct is installed
6. It is easy to manufacture ducts at job site with considerable advantages on transport costs.
7. UNTDuct PIR Panels have a low participation in fire, do not drop and smokes have a reduced opacity and
toxicity. UNTDuct PIR Panels is in conformity with the requirements of the most restrictive international regulations.
8. The outer aluminum coating coupled with the insulating material provides sturdiness, rigidity and good resistance to corrosion, erosion and deformation even in special applications.
Specification of UNTDuct Phenolic Foam Pre-insulated Duct Panel for Air Conditioning System:
Item Unit Specification
Standard Panel Sizemm3950*1200*20
Alu. Foil Thicknessmm0.06 or 0.08
Foam Densitykg/m355
Fire Safety (BS476Part 6&7)
Class 0
Thermal Conductivityw/m.k0.020
Compressing StrengthMpa0.2
Bending StrengthMpa2
Water Absorption%≤0.1
Dimension Change%0.3
Working Temperature℃-60 to +80
Max Pressure in ductPa1500
Maximum Allowable Wind Velocitym/s≤15
Max Continuous Running Temperature℃≤70
Lifespan of PIR Air Ductyears>20
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