China Power Transmission Tower factory in Appium

Product Description:
Lattice angle steel tower coated with galvanization.
Product Introduction:
Lattice angle steel tower, HJT is able to expertly design and manufacture steel lattice towers, galvanized or painted, including tangent type, running-angle suspension type, strain type and dead end type, for all terrains, environments and operating conditions.
Product Parameter:
Power Capacity33KV/66KV/132KV/220KV/400KV/500KV etc.
MaterialQ345B/ASTM A572/EN S355, Minimum Yield Strength ≥ 345 N/mm²
Q235B/ASTM A36/EN S235, Minimum Yield Strength ≥ 235 N/mm²
Welding StandardAWSD1.1
Galvanization StandardASTM123
Product Application:
Lattice angle steel tower is light in weight but strong at wind resistance. It is easy for installation and so takes short construction period. It is economical and adaptable to various power transmission and distribution environments.China Power Transmission Tower factory