Customized Cleaner in Appium

As the saying goes, if a worker wants to do something good, he must first sharpen his weapon. To get something done efficiently, you must first improve your equipment. For housewives, in the face of kitchen heavy oil pollution, pipe blockage, bathroom scale and other home environment enemies, want to do a good job in home cleaning also need sharp tools, and this low-price cleaner from China is a convenient and useful tool. Many people will definitely encounter the problem of choosing a grease cleaner when cleaning the kitchen. Different detergents have different treatment methods. If you do not choose a better detergent, it will cause damage to our hands. And many of the cleansers have unhealthy substances, and long-term use is not good for the physical and mental health of the whole family. The low-price cleaner is a milder, non-irritating and effective kitchen cleaner.
The reason for the formation of these oil stains is that the soot in the cooking is usually oxidized by heat, and the oxidized oil molecules will be sticky. If there is no real-time removal at this stage, it will become grease after cooling, and it will be difficult to remove gradually, thus becoming a trouble.
In the face of such a terrible cleaning dilemma, a bottle of good kitchen oil cleaner is undoubtedly the best helper to clean the kitchen. However, problems such as good decontamination effect, whether the smell is pungent, whether the cleaning agent corrodes kitchen appliances and the like are followed, which plagues consumers.
This product is a glycolipid biosurfactant containing rhamnolipid. It is a household kitchen cleaning product prepared as the main effective ingredient for removing oil stains, being natural, safe and efficient. It has remarkable ability of moisturizing and emulsifying grease, and is especially effective for oil stains accumulated for a long time. It is environmentally friendly, highly biodegradable, non-irritating and protects hands.
AppearanceDensity (20鈩?Alkalinity (by Na2O)pH (25鈩? 1% water solution):Deoiling ratesolubilitysurface tension (25鈩?:temperature resistance:
light yellow transparent liquid1卤0.1g/cm3鈮?.0%7锝?鈮?5%soluble in water鈮?5 mN/m0鈩冿綖90鈩?/p>
Storage temperature should not be lower than - 10 鈩?or higher than 50 鈩? Do not expose to sunshine or rain.Customized Cleaner