V Belt Pulley SPB suppliers in Appium

Product details:
The European standard pulley produced by our factory has two major catogaries: TB taper bore pulley and pilot bore pulley. They are made of GG25 with phosphated surface, stable performance and reliable quality. We provide complete range and reasonable prices.
TB taper bore pulleys and TB taper bush ones can be used together and installed on the standard series axes.
Based on customer needs, our factory can provide standard British or metric finished hole or reprocessed process hole and many other kinds of pilot bore European standard pulleys or pulleys without bores.
Size model
1. Stable transmission
All products need to pass dynamic balance test before delivery to ensure the vibration is small enough.
That can extend the lifetime of the whole mechanical system.
2. Simple structure and convenient disassembly and assembly.
That can help customers save time and labor cost.
3. Black phosphated surface
That makes it look nice and high-end.
4. HT250 material
The material makes it able to transmit more power and save the cost.
It is produced strictly according to the international DIN2211 standard, so the accessories are easy to find.
Storage and package of KRS taper bush pulley
We use wooden cases for our taper bush pulleys for transportation to avoid soaking during sea shipping, Also, black phosphated surface is rust-proof.
We support various ways for international transportation.
Customers can choose a suitable way based on their needs such as by air, by sea and by express(Fedex, DHL, TNT etc.).
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Black phosphated surface and Ht250 material for all KRS taper bush pulleys.
Simple taper bush structure makes them easier to be assembled or disassembled than the traditional one-piece pulleys. All you need is one screw.
All KRS taper bush pulleys need to pass the dynamic and static balance tests before they are sold to the market.V Belt Pulley SPB suppliers