Metal Sleeves Glass Jars manufacturers in Appium

We offer highly cost effective and durable glassware. Our company is an expert supplier in this line. We devoted ourselves to the selling of glass products for more than ten years.
Product Introduction
This set includes 4pc round shape canisters in metal sleeves with screw top lids.
Product specification
3.9’’x3.9’’x12’’H 60oz
3.9’’x3.9’’x9’’H 42oz
3.9’’x3.9’’x7’’H 34oz
3.9’’x3.9’’x5’H 20oz
Product feature and Application
*High quality and clear glass in classic round shape, lead free, much more safer for food storage.
*There is a metal sleeve outside each canister, as a perfect combination of glass and metal. The sleeve is not only stainless steel color, but also can be red/ white/ black or other colors, making them look more marvelous and gorgeous.
*Different hollow designs can be made on metal sleeves, such as square, vertical long hole, oblique holes, etc., so that people can easily see the contents of canisters from these designs.
*Set of 4 with different sizes can meet your different storage requirements.
Packing: gift box packing with cutomer’s logo and design
Delivery date: Negotiable
Q: Can I have free samples?
A: Yes, we can supply free samples.
Q: Will the biggest canister store spaghetti?
A: Yes, the height is about 31cm, perfect size for spaghetti.Metal Sleeves Glass Jars manufacturers