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Magnetic Path Magnetic Circuit Speaker Driver
1. Introduction of Magnetic Path Magnetic Circuit Speaker Driver
Magnetic path, magnetic circuit, speaker drivers
Magnetic Path Magnetic Circuit Speaker Drivers
This type of magnetic circuits is constructed so a permanent magnet can be inserted in a pot shaped yoke, which is typically called a pot type yoke. neodymium magnets are the type of magnet used. Magnetic fields produced by this type of magnet are stronger than those of ferrite magnets, if their volume is equal. This structure permits no magnetic flux to leak out, making drivers acceptable for use with audio/visual systems. Despite many advantages provided by neodymium magnets, the lack of economy due to the fact that neodymium magnets is one of the rare metals, may be the only discouraging factor.
2. Items of Magnetic Path Magnetic Circuit Speaker Driver

Item No. TYoke Magnet(Ferrite) Washer Air Gap(mm) Magnetic Flux(GS)
Size(AxB-C) Size Size(DxExH)
KST04-00 Φ210x54.6-Φ75.4 Φ220xΦ110x25.4 Φ210xΦ78.5x10 1.550
KST04-01 Φ70x23-Φ24.95 Φ80xΦ32x15 Φ70xΦ26.5x3 0.775
KST04-02 Φ130x39-Φ36.9 Φ140xΦ63x20 Φ130xΦ39.4x8 1.250
KST04-03 Φ195x42-Φ61.9 Φ200xΦ80x20 Φ195xΦ65.1x10 1.600
KST04-04 Φ215x46.4-Φ98.5 Φ220xΦ110x25.4 Φ215xΦ104.5x8 3.000
KST04-05 Φ130x38-Φ49.9 Φ140xΦ63x20 Φ130xΦ52.6x8 1.350
KST04-06 Φ177x42-Φ61.9 Φ200xΦ80x20 Φ177xΦ64.9x10 1.500
KST04-07 Φ110x41-Φ36.9 Φ115xΦ43x22 Φ110xΦ39.4x8 1.250
KST04-08 Φ215x46.4-Φ98.5 Φ220xΦ110x25.4 Φ215xΦ102.1x8 1.800
KST04-09 Φ177x42-Φ61.8 Φ200xΦ80x20 Φ177xΦ66.1x10 2.150
KST04-10 Φ150x40.5-Φ49.9 Φ160xΦ57x17.5 Φ150xΦ52.7x8 1.400
KST04-10A Φ150x40.5-Φ49.9 Φ160xΦ57x17.5 Φ150xΦ54.2x8 2.150
KST04-11 Φ57x21-Φ24.95 Φ59.5xΦ32x13 Φ63xΦ26.15x3 0.600
KST04-12 Φ200x61.04-Φ101.6 Φ215xΦ115x25.4 Φ200xΦ106x14.3 2.200
KST04-13 Φ200x61.04-Φ76.2 Φ212xΦ99x25.4 Φ200xΦ81x14.3 2.400
KST04-14 Φ155.6x46.83-Φ63.119 Φ165xΦ70x21 Φ155.58xΦ65.66x9.6 1.270
KST04-15 Φ155.6x46.83-Φ50.75 Φ165xΦ60x21 Φ155.58xΦ52.96x9.6 1.105
KST04-16 Φ198x43-Φ99.1 Φ220xΦ110x23 Φ176xΦ103.5x10 2.200 10400
KST04-17 Φ94x27-Φ50 Φ102xΦ60x17 Φ94xΦ52x4 1.000 11000
KST04-18 Φ94x29-Φ37 Φ100xΦ45x18 Φ94xΦ38.6x5 0.800 15000

Item No. T Yoke Magnet(NdFeB) Washer Air Gap Magnetic Flux
Size(AXB-C) Size Size(DXEXH) (mm) (GS)
KST06-01 Φ26X5.5-Φ12.95 Φ27XΦ15X1.5 Φ26XΦ14.3X2 0.675
KST06-02 Φ90x30.8-38 Φ90XΦ42X6 Φ114.13XΦ40.5X12.5 1.250
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