Covering Foundation Pen Long Wear Foundation Stick in stock in Appium

※Who we are?
Yiwu Tongdao Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. was established in 2016 and is a supply chain management company that provides product traceability management services; provides safe cosmetics and makeup tools.
※What is our product?
Lip makeup products:Moisture lipstick, Mist lipstick,long lasting lipstick,multi-color lipstick,color change lipstick,shaper oem lipstick,translucent lip gloss ,shining lip gloss,long lasting lip gloss,color change lip gloss,liquid lip gloss,velvet lip gloss,moisture lipgloss;
Eye makeup products:lip liner pencil; eyeliner series,eyeliner gel series,mascara series,eyelash growth liquid,eyelash grafted fibers,pouch concealer pens, eyebrow pencil series,eyebrow cream, eyebrow powder series,monochromatic bread eye shadow series,more color bread eye shadow,matte eye shadow,pearlescent eye shadow,diamond eye shadow,eye shadow,eye shadow milk,eye shadow pencil,discharge makeup fluid;
Facial makeup product:primer,Matte foundation,Moisture foundation,HD foundation,Mousse foundation,loose powder,concealer pen,concealer stick,concealer cream,cake powder,double color wet mist powder,colrful loose powder,bronzer powder,single blush, multi-color embossing blush,mis color blush,moussse blush,panstick blush, BB cream, CC cream;
Skin care products:hydrating series, whitening series, fade wrinkles, freckle series, sunscreen series;
Makeup tools:makeup brush series,Fake eyelash series, wig series, puff series,Beauty equipment.
※Where Application?
Products used in beauty salons, facials, masquerades, weddings, and so on.Covering Foundation Pen Long Wear Foundation Stick in stock