Cardboard Cutter Made in China in Appium

Cardboard Paper Cutting machine model QZYK1300DGN
When need a cutting, turn the function switch to the cutting mode position firstly and then press the left cutting button and the right cutting button with two hands at one time. Cutting will start now. The operating principle is: when pressing the two-hand linkage buttons, the hydraulic cylinder starts and drives a paper presser. Driven by hydraulic push rod brake friction disc joint pulley. Consequently the rotary action of the pulley drives the worm and the worm wheel running. Via a transverse shaft on the swivel arm at the shaft end of the worm wheel shaft, an adjustable tie rod brings the cutting bed to go up and down. After a cutting cycle is finished, a compression stroke switch of the collide block wheel fixed at the worm wheel shaft end will de-energizes the magnet.
N O.ConfigurationBrand ModelOrigin
1BearingUBCSino-US Joint
3The switch powerMingwei TaiwanCardboard Cutter Made in China