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outdoor transparent raincoat
We produce outdoor transparent raincoat china sample test. We devoted ourselves to outdoor transparent raincoat 12 years, covering most of Southeast Asia and the America market. We are also supply student cycling bike.

Brand: Lideming
Export: yes
Rain gear use: rainproof.
Whether or not: no.
Waterproof coat: routine.
Raincoat fabric: PVC
Waterproof adhesive layer: no.
Applicable number: 1 person.
Packing: bagged.
This product is very hot style, the fabric waterproof performance is good, wearing a breathable won't feel bored, and good effect of cultivate one's morality, color playfulness, let love beautiful lady to become a bright scenery in the rain.
Beyond the traditional design, let the raincoat realize its practical function,we also focus on the control of the fashion trend, make it more like a fashionable windbreaker in the rain. Elegant, noble, romantic classic feminine color, relaxed, quiet, intellectual, elegant romantic model.
1、How to distinguish the outdoor transparent raincoat and skin windbreaker?
Outdoor transparent raincoat and skin windbreaker can be distinguished from the following points:
A, An outdoor transparent raincoat is a raincoat made of waterproof fabric. The materials used in raincoats include tapes, tarps and plastic films.
B, The feature of skin windbreaker is that when you don wear it on your body, it seems to blend with your body and it is ultra-thin and breathable.
C, The main function of skin windbreaker is to prevent direct radiation from the sun and ultraviolet rays, which is the same as the sunshade, to protect the skin from the sun.
D, The function of outdoor transparent raincoat is to shelter the wind and rain. It has transparent style and opaque style, and it can only be worn during rainy days.Outdoor Raincoat suppliers