Ceramic Fiber Module in Appium

Insulating Ceramic Fiber Module
Ceramic Fiber Module made of ceramic fiber blanket in white color, with excellent refractory insulation effects and formal dimensions.
Typical Application
◆ Insulation material for the furnace lining in the fields of metallurgy such as annealing furnace, normalizing furnace
◆ Petrochemical -cracking heater, reformer, gas flue etc, construction and machinery
◆ Heat recovery steam generator and duct lining in power industry
◆ Insulation lining of kiln in ceramic, glass industry
◆ Insulation lining of heat treatment furnace
◆ Burner blocks, Induction furnace covers
◆ shuttle kilns, tunnel kilns, kiln car etc
◆ heater, continuous annealing furnace, galvanizing line
Product Parameters
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