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Pneumatic Barrier System/China Boat Barrier Factory
The Pneumatic Barrier System is a kind of surface physical protection system mainly used for stopping unauthorized entry of boats into sensitive port areas,naval,or commercial sites. Moreover,other natural threats like bio-waste,synthetic waste,oil pollution and so on in the harbor areas can also be removed and controlled.
Necessary equipment for ports,sea surface security
lModular design
lCustomized in size and model
lLong service life
lHigh Reliability
lEasy installation and maintenance
Composition and Functions
lThis system consists of two major sub-assemblies:the pneumatic barriers and the mooring system.The protection height can be customized from 0.5m to 3m. A pneumatic barrier consists of liner,skeleton stress layer and outer skin.
lAll the connectors,flanges,bolts,nuts,hanging and fixing parts are made of 316L stainless steel that is rust proof in the sea environment.
lThe unique,modular barrier system can provide complete, integrated security solution.An integral payload and attachment syetem allows for customized security requirements.Such as: integrated camera systems and detection systems; Drop-netting for anti-diver and anti-swimmer; Integrations with third-party security solutions,as a variety of sonar and sensors.
Applications Naval base; Port;
Nuclear power plant; Bridge;
Off-shore platform; Water substantial buildings
Weight of pneumatic barrier1300kg(customizable)
Working Pressure7kPa
Burst Pressure>136kPa
Working Temperature Range﹣30℃~60℃
Working Life> 6 yearscheap port barrier