Biomass Gasifier China in Appium

With poultry waste as raw material of biomass gasifier, is the need for compression molding, can be less than 30 mm, inside the poultry excrement must not have soil, sand and other minerals, these minerals in the slagging phenomenon in a high temperature environment, caused the gasifier can't use.The raw material raw materials such as corn stalk and peanut shell need not take into consideration the mineral such as sandy soil.However, water content and shape size need to be controlled.
Product structure is simple, high efficiency and energy saving, clean environmental protection, safety and health (no smoke when burning), does not need auxiliary energy, without any chemical additives, firing of the tradition of the direct combustion, economical and practical, low price, convenient collection, low cost and fuel, doesn't increase the burden of farmers, is off the applicable products, farmers are easy to accept, can meet the needs of the rural environmental protection, energy saving, the best products is rural, replacing the old stove.
Biomass Gasifier China