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About Us
Shenzhen AMB Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd (SZAMB) is an advanced LED technology company focused on LED High Bay, LED Tri-proof light,led flood light and some other industrial led light solutions. Our products are the result of cooperation between Japanese, European, Chinese and North American’s research and development partners which began in 2001. SZAMB is established to offer high quality, unique design LED products to our customer in competitive prices. Our vision is contributing to a sustainable world by offering advanced low energy products. We want to let the world know that at SZAMB “All’s Marvelous Brilliant ”
SZAMB maintains a strong engineering team who collaborates with partners around the world. Our management system is strictly conducted according to ISO9001-2008 guidelines.
Our products are TUV/SAA/ETL /DLC/UL /CE/ROHS/FCC certified.
2005: After four years of initial research SZAMB is formed.
2006: SZAMB releases an advanced High Bay Range with unique features and high performance to the world. The LED driver is from Taiwan, 160 lumen/watt Bridgelux LEDs, and a patented cooling system allowing SZAMB to offer an industry leading 5 year warranty.
2007: SZAMB begins co-operating with Japanese company Netled to develop the network lighting system to optimise the power saving of LED technology.
2008: SZAMB launches a dimmable LED tube using National brand drivers from the USA. This innovation is warmly welcomed by customers in North America and Europe due to the additional power saving achieved.
2009: In conjunction with Swedish Company YB, SZAMB releases a new concept panel style LED fixture designed to replace traditional tube luminaire. The panel style fixtures feature an LOF design (LED on fixture) reducing the cost of manufacture.
2010: After 6 months of testing, Columbia and Yale University’s report SZAMB’s 200 watt LED fixture is determined to be an optimal solution for greenhouse fruit and vegetable growing. This product developed in corporation with Canada Wilcox Electric Company is also used for chicken and dairy production.
2011: SZAMB co-operates with Dutch LED driver company Lioris to produce LED tubes with 50,000 hours warranty. The advanced technology offers a power factor over 0.99 and is at the forefront of world technology.
2012: SAZAMB and Netled’s WIFI control system testing is completed and the product is launched. SZAMB LED tubes and LED High Bay lights can now be controlled via PC, IPhone, IPad or smart phone
2013: SZAMB launches a new range of high bay lights using Chip on Board (COB) LED technology from Japan , This allows existing metal halide globes to be directly replaced by LED globes and reduces the weight and cost of new LED High Bays. Besides new smart led high bay will set a foot on the market in March
2014: SZAMB VT and VB Panel style led tube will set a foot into the market ,AMB is planning to open two new factories in Sweden and Canada .Local factory will offer the best after-service
2015: SZAMB newest 200w,400w, 600w Beam angle adjustable LED floodlight ,LED high bay is ready to produce now .
2016: SZAMB begin to design new led high bay light with SMD technology and high power led tri-proof light.
AMB Customers
AMB Partners
Thanks to the high quality and strong after sales service .Our LED high bay is warmly welcomed by EU .Canada .USA .Austrial .New Zealand ,Japan markets .if you want to get a 5years warranty time LED high bay ,please feel free to contact to get more detailschina T8 LED Tube manufacturers